My entry in the Concept Design category received an Excellence Award at the "Rookies Award 2021" today.

Check out my post here:

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Donald J. Trump is the first NFT in my "Historical Personalities" Series.

The NFT is now available on Foundation:

More Historical Personalities, including Elon Musk, Michale Jackson and more will be listed soon.

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This post is for anyone who has decided to learn digital sculpting with ZBrush or any other art form. Much of it also applies to life itself.

I want to write of the lessons I've learned that seem most important to me, so you can achieve your learning success as quickly as possible. In the future I will write more articles in which I will go deeper into other topics and the topics mentioned below.

About 1,5 years ago I decided to learn digital sculpting in ZBrush. I`m self-taught, but I learned a lot through online courses. I also offer personal online training & a free masterclass for artists that will be available soon.

Left: October 2019, approx. 4 days a 8 hours

Right: April 2021, 16 hours spread over 4 days

Foundation NFT:
"Elon Of Michelangelo" Collaboration with Indiependency

1. Learn to study